Spirit of Giving is Alive at Montana Farmers Union

Spirit of Giving is Alive at Montana Farmers Union

Montana Farmers Union continues to invest in Montana’s rural communities and family farms and ranches.


In 2023, 4-H clubs received more than $12,000 in Sentence Grants to beautify their communities, make care packages for cancer patients and foster kids, assist families with child care, grow community gardens, hold farm safety camps, and more.


We helped start or restart FFA chapters by creating a new chapter sponsorship program and awarding $2,500 each to FFA in Florence, Frenchtown, Harrison, Havre, Augusta, Belt Valley, Scobey, Nashua, Whitehall, and Jordan.


We have invested more than $50,000 in grants and scholarships, helping schools with tools, greenhouses, garden beds, and coolers to help teach about agriculture and provide local food to kids and families.


We have provided more than $30,000 in travel expenses and registrations for future leaders to attend women’s conferences, co-op colleges, beginning farmer institutes and advocacy trainings.


We have supported cooperative development by purchasing $300,000 in preferred stock in co-ops that are providing services in communities around Montana.


We have provided more than $30,000 in sponsorships of events and education meetings from one end of the state to the other.


It is you, our members, who make the giving possible. Thank you for your continued support of MFU’s work on behalf of family farms, ranches and rural communities.

Montana Farmers Union wishes you all a happy, healthy New Year.

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