Rotunda Roundup From Montana Farmers Union: Legislative Update For April 3-7

Political appointment of water court judges, as included in Senate Bill 72, could have unintended consequences, including giving priority to non-agricultural uses of water. Montana Farmers Union opposes SB 72…
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MFU Applauds USDA Announcement on Product of USA Labeling

SAN FRANCISCO – A new proposed rule that will close loopholes that allow meat from imported animals to be labeled as “Product of the USA” met with applause from National…
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Latest Brazilian Mad Cow Case Highlights Need for Mandatory COOL

Earlier in February, Brazilian beef exports to China were halted after a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in Brazil’s northern state of Para. “The announcement of yet another Mad…
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Rotunda Roundup from Montana Farmers Union: Legislative Update for Feb. 6-10

By Rachel Prevost and Jasmine Krotkov Montana Farmers Union Government Affairs Team Despite much proponent testimony in favor of country of origin labeling, HB 350 to revise country of origin…
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House Ag Committee Misses Opportunity on HB 350

HELENA – Montana consumers still won’t know for sure where their meat comes from, after the House Agriculture Committee voted to table a bill that would have created more truth…
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MFU calls for support in 2021 legislative session

“I look forward to working on behalf of MFU members this session,” said President Walter Schweitzer. “The option to testify remotely changes the landscape. It gives members regardless of their geographic location the option to participate in the legislative process. Grassroots advocacy is what MFU is all about.”

Product of USA Label is Misleading American Consumers

When Congress repealed COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) for beef and pork in 2015 it allowed Multinational packers to start labeling beef and pork imported from foreign countries with a…
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COOL Placarding Act: HB 324

Generally revise certain labeling laws: Country of Origin Placarding bill. This bill will require a placard identifying the Country-of-Origin to be placed near beef and pork products in retail locations.…
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2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT