2024 FUEL Cohort Announced

2024 FUEL Cohort Announced

Montana Farmers Union is pleased to announce 2024 participants in the Farmers Union Enterprises Leadership cohort.

Emma Wickens, Hilger; Lisa Wade-Mayorga, Kila; Oscar Mayorga, Kila; and April Martin, Busby, will join other participants from the additional Farmers Union Enterprises states of Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota for the year-long program that builds leadership skills.

FUEL participants will receive hands-on learning experiences to enhance their knowledge of cooperatives and the roles that Farmers Union plays as well as immersion in concepts ranging from emotional intelligence and conflict resolution to public speaking and how to have a lasting impact in communities. FUEL is funded by each of the five participating states through Farmers Union Enterprises and comes at no cost to participants.

For Martin, the program offers an opportunity to broaden her knowledge of agriculture and build a stronger network.

“It is also an opportunity to meet other people in the industry and see what challenges they’ve had and overcome. I also believe that we can help others and heal the divisions in our country by allowing us to see others as humans in a profoundly rewarding but isolating occupation when we come together in diverse groups,” Martin wrote in her application.

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