Standing Up for Your Right to Repair

Standing Up for Your Right to Repair

You own it… so you should be able to repair it… right?

Equipment manufacters say “NO”, and hold consumers hostage when they refuse to share technology that could mean the difference between getting a crop harvested… or not.
Producers then have no choice but to pay what can be exorbident repair costs- just to stay in business.

You can help us give farmers their right to repair back.

MOU between the American Farm Bureau Federation and John Deere falls short of guaranteeing producers the right to repair their equipment.

“I am encouraged that John Deere is worried enough about their image that they are launching this media blitz – even if it is misleading. John Deere realizes that farmers and the public want to have the right to repair, but the concessions they have made in the most recent MOU aren’t enough,” Montana Farmers Union President Walter Schweitzer said.

Recent John Deere – Farm Bureau Deal

“The agreement comes as John Deere faces scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission and public opinion on whether or not they unlawfully force farmers to pay a dealer when their equipment needs repairs. Deere failed to uphold its end of a 2018 MOU that increased farmers right to repair but, like the current MOU, fell short of guaranteeing it and now finds itself at the center of a FTC complaint filed by National Farmers Union, Montana Farmers Union and others alleging unlawful practices.

Fighting for the Right to Repair

“With these implement builders deciding I am not allowed to repair my own equipment, that defeats my ability to stay in business.”
Ben Peterson, EL Peterson Ranch
Judith Gap, Montana

Amplifying the voice of the family farmer through grassroots advocacy

Right to Repair Featured on Happy Hour at the Hightower Chat & Chew Cafe

Jim Hightower is joined at the Chat & Chew by Nathan Proctor of Public Interest Research Group, Willie Cade of, and Walter Schweitzer of the Montana Farmers Union— all leaders of the fast-rising Right to Repair consumer movement.
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