MFU Awards Nearly $12k in Scholarships

MFU Awards Nearly $12k in Scholarships

Montana Farmers Union has announced nearly $12,000 in scholarships to Montana students.

The grassroots organization announced the scholarships this week as part of its commitment to education. The funding comes from MFU, the Montana Farmers Union Foundation, and several MFU Locals and supports both traditional and non-traditional students pursuing higher education. The scholarship program dovetails with MFU’s education efforts for people of all ages across the state, including offering Day Camps, Summer Camps at Arrowpeak Lodge, educational workshops, Ladies Who Ag programming, and more.

“The MFU Foundation exists to support agricultural education in our communities. We are excited to support so many talented, dedicated, and inspiring students to continue their educational paths,” said MFU Chief of Staff Matt Rains. “The knowledge to not only keep a farm or ranch operational and profitable but also ideas to revolutionize the future of our food systems start in the classroom. There is no better investment MFU’s Foundation can make than in the continuing education of our producers and their children.”

2024 recipients are:

Reinhard William Bold (Big Sandy), $1,000 John Korsbeck Memorial Scholarship, $500 Choteau County Farmers Union Local

Lance Rutledge (Big Sandy), $1,000 John Korsbeck Memorial Scholarship

Grayce Siderius (Bozeman), $1,000 Bud Daniels Memorial Scholarship, $500 Flathead Farmers Union Local

Jordan Leach (Ledger), $1,000 Montana Farmers Union Foundation

Lauren Prevost (Lambert), $1,000 MFU Foundation

Lauryn Siderius (Kalispell), $1,000 MFU Foundation, $500 Flathead Farmers Union Local

Kyona Yeager (Fairfield), $1,000 MFU Foundation

Abigail Hutton (Conrad), $500 Montana Farmers Union

Shea Ostberg (Fairfield), $500 MFU

Layne Johnson (Westby), $500 MFU

Hannah Fussell (Ronan), $500 MFU

Michaela Hauk (Great Falls), $1,000 Cascade County-wide Farmers Union Local

Kenadie Berg (Billings), $250 MFU

Ashton Ulschak (Laurel), $250, MFU

Alyssa Robertus (Laurel), $250 MFU

Tammi Fladager (Peerless), $250 MFU

Cody England (Lewistown), $250 MFU

To learn more about other educational opportunities through Montana Farmers Union, go to

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