Dr. Jane Mangold Professor Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources

Join us Tuesday, October 13 @ noon for a webinar on rangeland weeds featuring presenter Dr. Jane Mangold. Dr. Mangold will discuss the newest addition to the Montana noxious weed list, ventenata, an annual grass that is spreading quickly across Montana. Learn how to distinguish ventenata from other annual grasses like cheatgrass (downy brome) and Japanese brome as well as why it may be even more impactful to livestock production and wildlife habitat. The presentation will also share results of a 4-year herbicide trial for ventenata control. Then, the presentation will shift to discuss houndstongue, particularly biological control and a weevil approved for release in Canada that is now showing up in Montana. The webinar will conclude with time for questions and discussion about ventenata and houndstongue, or other rangeland weed-related topics. Participants who attend the full hour will receive one pesticide training credit.