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Kate’s AG Keeps it Real at NFU Convention

In today’s video, I interview farmers and producers from all over the U.S. at the National Farmers Union Convention in Denver, Colorado. It was a pleasure to learn their perspectives…
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MFU Urges Farmers to File

Part of the foundation of Farmers Union is advocacy and legislative involvement. MFU is encouraging members and community members to file for candidacy- regardless of party affiliation. “We need more…
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Earlier this summer, the Hertel family threw a big party to commemorate their ranch’s centennial. They celebrated the milestone again at the 2021 state convention as part of MFU’s Centennial…
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MFU Foundation

MONTANA FARMERS UNION FOUNDATION Investing in the Vitality of Rural Communities The mission of the Montana Farmers Union Foundation is to create new opportunities and contribute to the growth and…
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Creating a Resilient Food Supply Chain

Four consolidated corporate giants control nearly 85 percent of the meat packing industry. This monopolistic control and severe weather disasters are putting our food security at risk. Montana Farmers Union…
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Administration Picks Up Right to Repair

Montana Farmers Union, an advocate at the state and federal level for the right to repair, praises President Biden for issuing an executive order on the farmers’ right to repair…
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Headwaters Area Gathering

October 06, 2022