STEM with an Ag Focus

STEM with an Ag Focus

Montana Farmers Union is excited to announce that Farmers Union Enterprise (FUE) and STEM FUSE will be offering educational materials for free through July. FUE created an educational program based around Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) that gives teachers access to materials that will help educate K-12 students. STEM FUSE is not only offering the AFNR program for free during this time, but will also be extending lessons that include Math, English, Science, and History subjects. Parent, teachers, or students please reach out to our office if you are interested in the STEM FUSE program.

 Through July 1st STEM program will be available to parents, teachers, & students for FREE!!!


  • Contact Montana Farmers Union Education Coordinator or Education Assistant
  • Will need informational listed below
    • Grade level
    • Email
    • First name & Last name (Parent & Student)
    • School name
    • Address
    • County
    • Phone number

 Contact Information:

Education Coordinator:                                            Education Assistant:

Violet Green                                                                Vicky Reeves              

Office: 406.452.6406                                                  Office: 406.452.6406

Cell:406.564.6025                                                       Cell: 406.217.6978



2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT