Stand with Family Farmers

If you want to stand up for rural communities and family farms & ranches, there’s no better organization to belong to.

Montana Farmers Union is one of the oldest farm organizations in the state. We stand for the interests of family farms, ranches and rural communities. Stand with us, and become a member today. 

Members have access to education opportunites, events, camp discounts and most importantly: A Community.  

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Hear from other MFU Members

Montana Farmers Union is really good at drumming down on the issues. When we are one, we can’t be very loud. But when we are many, we can be very loud.

Ben Peterson
Peterson Ranch, Judith Gap

I love coming to Montana Farmers Union conferences and watching the webinars and town halls…  they support the issues that I care about.

Stacie Cornell
MSU Northern student, havre

One of the reasons I got involved in Montana Farmers Union is that it’s the only group of people I’ve found in the state who are fighting to make a difference on big issues like Right to Repair.

Sarah Rachor
4th generation farmer, Sidney

See what we’re working on

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Eastern Women’s Conference

March 31, 2023 - April 01, 2023
Eastern Women’s Conference