When it comes to a field of wheat or a herd of cattle, farmers and ranchers know there is success when the group is healthy. Montana Farmers Union understands this, too. That’s why we have spent the last century connecting Montana farmers and ranchers in our communities through cooperation, education, and legislation. Because successful farmers and ranchers are good for everyone in Montana. And, we know that the power of many means the power of you: now and in the future.



Member Stories


Loving What You Do is the Key to Success in Agriculture
Meet Walter & Cindy from Geyser, Montana

Walter Schweitzer and Cindy Palmer raise registered Black Angus on their ranch near Geyser. Walter says the key to longevity in the industry is to love what you are doing, to be a lifelong student of agriculture, and to get involved in groups that represent interests important to you and your family. For Walter and Cindy MFU is a good fit because it advocates for causes important to the couple such as Country-of-Origin Labeling and renewable energy. Walter and Cindy have two grown daughters and are the current Farmers Union Enterprise Leadership couple.

“Be the adventurer your ancestor was and evaluate your life, learn about what is out there, take advantage of opportunities and try new things!”– Walter Schweitzer


3 Generations Later and Still Ranching Strong
Meet the Bangs family from Inverness, Montana

Growing up on his family’s Inverness ranch, Jeff Bangs always knew the day would come when he would take the reins. Along with his wife, Katie, and their new little ranch hand Genevieve, the Bangs family is ready to put their passion for ranching and agriculture to good use. Both Jeff and Katie are very active with Montana Farmers Union, serving on different committees and in various leadership roles. Jeff sits on Montana Farmers Union board of directors. With every decision the Bangs make, they are always thinking of how to be good stewards of the land and their community. Recognizing the important link agriculture has to rural development, the Bangs family has taken a role in MFU to help farm policy.

“We try to keep our communities vibrant as much as we can, and Montana Farmers Union is very much a key player in that role.” – Jeff Bangs


Voices for Montana Agriculture
Meet the Lefurgey family from Loma, Montana

The Lefurgey farm has been in the family for generations, and Scott and Misty currently work alongside Scott’s parents, who are the owners/operators of the family farm in Loma. There is a long history of farming for the Lefurgey family, in fact, Scott’s great-grandparents homesteaded not far from where the Lefurgeys currently farm.“It’s in my blood, farming. I never left the farm, maybe physically, but my hope was always to return,” says Scott.

Scott and Misty are the proud parents of two children, Bailey and Garrett, and have hopes of taking over the family farm when the time comes. Both are active members of Montana Farmers Union and their local chapter in Chouteau County. The Lefurgeys believe that MFU provides excellent educational opportunities, and that is one of the main reasons they decided to get involved. Scott and Misty completed the Montana Farmers Union Enterprise Leadership Couple program this past fall and will continue to be excellent ambassadors for Montana agriculture.

“The policies and work of Montana Farmers Union is just as relevant today as they were decades ago when Scott’s grandparents joined.” – Misty Lefurgey