We believe in the benefits of a grass roots organization. Montana Farmers Union is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates or provide financial support; members are encouraged to participate in the activities of the political party of their choice.

To be an effective force, members must be involved in the organization.  Such involvement demands communication and motivational focus from its leadership in order to accomplish its goals, to develop the talents of the membership and to foster feelings of self-worth as individuals and as a group.

The following policy positions are a general overview of MFU Policy.To access MFU policy download the  2019 MFU Policy Book.

New policy will be voted on and passed at the 2019 MFU State Convention in October. Members are welcome to submit policy resolutions to their local or before the policy committee at convention.

Medical Care

Support 100% deductions for health insurance premiums of the self-employed and retired. (1994) Oppose cuts in health care benefits and all premium rate increases to all Medicare and Medicaid recipients and veterans. Oppose any cuts in benefits and cost of living...

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In lieu of estate tax repeal, we support estate tax relief for family-owned farms, ranches and small businesses in order to facilitate the transfer of those enterprises to the next generation.  Encourage that inheritance taxes on agricultural land be eliminated if...

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Food and Food Safety

Food safety policies can and should protect consumers without limiting farmers, ranchers and small food processors who sell into local and regional markets. (2009) MFU supports meat being defined as flesh from an animal being used as food. (2018) MFU opposes cellular...

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Urge support of wildlife management to maintain a brucellosis-free state. Bison and bison management throughout the entire state of Montana, especially the Greater Yellowstone Area, remain a concern to Montana livestock producers. Oppose placing the prairie dog on the...

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Support a broad water‑ development policy, which insures multiple uses, recognizing the primacy of the needs of agriculture. Support state's right to adjudicate all waters within its borders. Support State Water Court adjudication of all state water disputes,...

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Natural Resources

Urge that state and federal forest policies include the recognition of the importance of permitted grazing and biomass production. Increased funding should be provided for salvaging dead trees and fuels reduction. (2011 & 2014)  Oppose “let it burn” policies....

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Support feasible air, water, and land use standards to prevent degradation of our environment and quality of life for present and future generations. Support establishing numeric standards for coal bed methane production. We believe establishing numeric standards puts...

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NET Metering

Montana Farmers Union calls upon the Montana Legislature to enact legislation to expand the benefits of net metering by raising the current cap of 50KW, allow multiple meters for effective use of wind/solar systems on farmsteads and for community net metering and...

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Support a broadly based energy policy, which incorporate the following points: Oppose the privatization of the Federal Power Administration and the government-owned transmission and power generation facilities at federal dams. Support federal programs to reduce our...

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