Organization Policy

We believe in the benefits of a general farm organization, which bridges the divisions between commodities and spans the geographic diversity of the agricultural industry. Such a structure gives opportunity for all its members to participate in the processes of our society through the presence of a strong national organization. When buttressed by effective state organizations, which in turn find their strength in local and area “grassroots” alignments, the impact is most effective.

While the Farmers Union is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates or provide financial support, members are encouraged to participate in the activities of the political party of their choice.

To be an effective force, members must be involved in the organization. Such involvement demands communication and motivational focus from its leadership in order to accomplish its goals, to develop the talents of the membership and to foster feelings of self-worth as individuals and as a group.

Advocacy in Action:

Member & Chouteau County Farmers Union President Tom Clark in Washington D.C.

2017 Fly-In participants meet with Senator Steve Daines

2016 Fly-In participants meet with Congressman Ryan Zinke( currently Secretary of the Interior)