Opportunity for All

Opportunity for All

I recently had the opportunity to help my ten-year-old son with a 4-H speech.  The theme was, “Opportunity for All.”

Our conversation went like this.

Me: So, what is opportunity?

Son: It’s a gift, and you should use it. 

Me: If it’s a gift, does that mean everyone gets it?

Son: No

Me: Why?

Son: Because it’s only for those that know how to use it.

Me: How do you know how to use it?

Son: I don’t know.

Me: Well, where would you start?

Son: I would go to the room where other people are using opportunity. 

Me: Say more

Son: Well, I would show up to the room with my friends that are already using opportunity and ask for help. 

Me: So, is opportunity inherent or created?

Son: Created.

Me: How?

Son: Well, just by being in the room and showing up, and don’t quit before you try. Just do it. Trust others. Trust yourself.  Besides mom, my friends will help me.

This, from the ten-year-old, hit home.  I immediately pondered, every day behind the scenes at Montana Farmers Union, where so many opportunities are created, and everyone works around the clock to create them.

It’s 2023, and an excellent time to take the opportunity to reserve a seat, and join us in the room!  The calendar is building: local meetings, drive-in, fly-in, serving on committees, women’s conference, state convention, town-halls, youth camps, scholarships, and more!

Looking forward to saving a seat and seeing you in the room,



2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT