February 23, 2017

Lyndsay Bruno, Communications Director

Office: 452-6406; Cell: 788-8777


Montana Farmers Union & Montana State University to

hold climate change event in Lewistown


What: Montana Farmers Union, in partnership with Montana State University and Extension Services, are holding a climate change meeting to examine the effects of climate change on agriculture in Montana.

Speakers of the event include Fabian Menalled, Professor of Environmental Studies for Montana State University; Anna Tuttle, MSU Program and Communications Manager for the Montana Institute on Ecosystems and Brad Bauer, Natural Resource Agent with Gallatin County Extension.

Presenters will discuss ways the state’s climate is changing including: the rise of average temperatures in the winter and spring season; the increase in Montana’s growing season and the lack of changes in average seasonal precipitation. The panel will also outline future agriculture projections including: decreasing snow pack and how it relates to late-season irrigation capacity; ways the longer growing season could enable more crop diversity, but with greater vulnerability and the multiple drivers in Ag decision making. The group of presenters will identify current scientific findings that are meaningful and useful to attendees, and that will lead to a productive discussion on climate change.

When: Friday, March 3; 1:30-3:30 pm

Where: Eagles, 124 W Main Street, Lewistown

Contact Montana Farmers Union at 452-6406 or toll free at 1-800-234-4071 for more information.



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