MFU President featured in Building Better White House event

MFU President featured in Building Better White House event

Moves by President Joe Biden to tackle anti-competitive practices and consolidation in agriculture continue to be a welcome change, Montana Farmers Union Walter Schweitzer said during Wednesday’s Building A Better America video call with White House staff.

The post-State of the Union event, organized by the White House, included Montana partners and focused on Biden’s priorities for Montana families, as well as collected attendee input about pressing issues in their communities.

Creating a more resilient food supply and addressing consolidation in ag are top priorities for Montana Farmers Union.

“This is the first time since Teddy Roosevelt that a president has stood up to the big corporate monopolies and said, ‘Enough is enough,’” Schweitzer said on the call. But Biden has taken it a step further than words. “That has translated into real action,” Schweitzer said.

Money to bolster regional meat processing, more transparency in cattle markets and the FTC looking into rules to give farmers and ranchers the right to repair their own equipment are all examples of the Biden administration’s actions, Schweitzer added.

“I am excited about the opportunities for a more resilient food supply chain created by investment in the infrastructure of our communities and holding corporate monopolies accountable,” Schweitzer said after the call.

Other Montana leaders who spoke during the meeting applauded the president’s commitment to issues such as rural development, increasing childcare availability, and mental health resources, saying his administration’s efforts will benefit Montanans for years to come.

MFU Member Maureen Wicks, Commissioner from Liberty County, was also on the call.

“[We are]Looking ahead at the American Rescue Plan and the response to the infrastructure bill, focusing on water. Water has never been more important.” Commissioner Wicks states that the area is in a period of sustained drought.

“Both of these far-sighted plans have given us access to monies that can help with the St. Mary’s Canal on the Milk River, bringing that water to both farmers and communities that need it.”

“It’s really going to be a generational investment, the benefits of which will endure for a long time here in Montana,” USDA Rural Development State Director Kathleen Williams said. Schweitzer agreed.
“Neighbors working together can use these investment opportunities to build local processing and marketing opportunities in their communities while controlling their own destiny,” he said.

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