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GOP Candidates for Western U.S. House Seat talk ag, rural issues

More competition for fairer prices in agriculture and country of origin labeling are things GOP candidates for Montana’s Western U.S. House seat said they favor, although they differed on the[…] Read more

MFU Member/Rancher Near Conrad Featured

I really appreciate other women and working hard… It’s one of the things I really love about Montana Farmers Union. It took me a long time to realize how important[…] Read more

Democrats for Western U.S. House seat talk ag

Corporate monopolies must be held accountable, democratic candidates for Montana’s Western U.S. House seat said during a Congressional primary debate Friday. More info and links to watch the recording Cora[…] Read more

MFU Foundation announces grant opportunities

The Montana Farmers Union Foundation currently is accepting applications for its grant funding for the first time. The MFU Foundation has funded projects when approached in the past. Now that[…] Read more

MFU Launches Contest for All Ages

We’re looking for MFU members and friends to lend an artistic touch to this work inspired by speaker Amber Smith from the 2022 Women’s Conference! A play on the ancient[…] Read more

Tester’s Bipartisan Bill Beefs Up Fairness, Transparency in Cattle Market

Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act to give Montana ranchers a fair shake in consolidated market (U.S. Senate)—As a part of his continued effort to break up ag consolidation and[…] Read more