MFU launches campaign to promote Montana agriculture

MFU launches campaign to promote Montana agriculture

June 8, 2016

Lyndsay Bruno, Communications Director

Office: 452-6406; Cell: 788-8777

Multi-media TV/Radio campaign promotes support of

Montana farmers & ranchers

Highlights importance of Montana agriculture


 Great Falls, MT- Montana Farmers Union is launching a multi-media ad campaign this week focusing on the role Montana agriculture plays at the national and international level.

The campaign is multi-faceted with two animated TV commercials which includes one: 30 TV/Radio spot and one: 60 TV spot produced by MurMax Productions.

What’s unique about the campaign is the animation component. “We wanted to do something fresh and different,” said Lyndsay Bruno, Communications Director. “The graphics are appealing, colorful and most importantly educational. Montana’s farmers and ranchers contribute billions to the national economy. They are the backbone of our rural communities.”

The spots provide a window into the types of products Montana farmers and ranchers produce. Montana farmers produce 10% of the nation’s wheat and 22% of the nation’s barley. Montana is a leading producer of certified organic wheat, dry peas, lentils and flax.

The spots will be airing on several MTN News stations, Northern Ag Network and Cherry Creek Radio.

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2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
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