MFU Foundation announces grant opportunities

MFU Foundation announces grant opportunities

The Montana Farmers Union Foundation currently is accepting applications for its grant funding for the first time.

The MFU Foundation has funded projects when approached in the past. Now that the endowment has grown, the foundation has created a formal grant application process. The foundation will continue to award annual scholarships in addition to the grants.

“This is a big step for us,” said Jan Tusick, a MFU Board member who also sits on a subcommittee for the foundation.

“It’s really just helping build capacity for rural communities to address some of the issues that they would like to start working on,” Tusick added.

The foundation’s mission is to create new opportunities and contribute to the growth and enhancement of agriculture and Montana’s rural communities. Proposed projects should mesh with these goals and focus on education opportunities for any age group from small children to adults.

“Education is the foundation of the Farmers Union triangle, and so that’s what we want to make sure we focus on – education of the public on agriculture here in the state of Montana,” said Erik Somerfeld, who serves on the MFU Foundation subcommittee.

Somerfeld encouraged people to apply for projects focused on any age group. He said ag education in Montana helps dispel misinformation and build support for agriculture.

“A better understanding of ag will help us, we feel, pass legislation that will help improve the lives of Montanans in general but also of farmers,” he added.

The application process is simple by design to avoid overwhelming applicants.
“It’s so simple because we want you to tell us your story,” Somerfeld said.

Matt Rains, who serves as MFU’s chief of staff, said the grants are a way to connect with and support community projects in a significant way.

“If it’s education based and has rural and or agriculture roots, then we’re excited to receive the application and do our best to help you out,” Rains said.

Funding will be awarded over two periods in 2022, with applications due June 1 and September 1.
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