Medical Care

  • Support 100% deductions for health insurance premiums of the self-employed and retired. (1994)
  • Oppose cuts in health care benefits and all premium rate increases to all Medicare and Medicaid recipients and veterans.
  • Oppose any cuts in benefits and cost of living increases for Social Security recipients.

Action Plans:

  • 2018 Farm Bill Action Plan

A strong safety net is critical to keep family farms sustainable, particularly as Montana’s farmers and ranchers continue to face depressed commodity prices while paying higher input expenses.  Further, expedient legislation of a new Farm Bill will ensure financial and regulatory stability for food, fuel, and fiber programs which impact all Montanans.

  • Target improvements to the Commodity Program Title.
  • Protect the Conservation Title.
  • Ensure inclusion of the Nutrition Title in the Farm Bill.


Industrial Hemp

  • Remove industrial hemp as a Schedule 1 drug.
  • Remove all barriers to the production sale and transport of industrial hemp.