Northern Rockies Fisher Steps Closer to Endangered Species Protection
Public News Service – January 12, 2016
HELENA, Mont. – The Northern Rockies fisher, a cat-sized weasel related to wolverines and otters and found in the border area of Idaho and Northern Montana, is one step closer to protection under the federal Endangered Species Act. The U.S. …(Read More)

Conservation Groups Build on Sage Grouse Victory, Push Forward in 2016
Public News Service – January 4, 2016
LEWISTON, Mont. – Montana conservation groups are celebrating a victory in the movement to protect the greater sage grouse and planning additional efforts in 2016. The recent federal spending bill renewed the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and what it didn’t include is just as important riders that were being pushed by development interests. …(Read More)

Investor Groups: Fracking Companies Need More Public Disclosure
Public News Service – December 31, 2015
HELENA, Mont. – Companies fracking for gas do a poor job of informing the public, according to some investor groups. Their recently released third annual scorecard called Disclosing The Facts faults several companies that are active in Montana for secrecy, including Whiting, Chevron and Exxon. …(Read More)

Report: Climate Change Could Cost Montana Dearly
Public News Service – December 21, 2015
HELENA, Mont. – According to a new report commissioned by the Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana could lose 11,000 jobs and $280 million in earnings over the next 40 years if nothing is done to slow climate change. Researchers found that greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, will lead to a 4 to 5 degree jump in average temperature in the state by the middle of the century. …(Read More)

Land and Water Conservation Fund Revived in Omnibus Spending Bill
Public News Service – December 17, 2015
HELENA, Mont. – The Land and Water Conservation Fund is back from the dead, at least temporarily, because Congress included it in the omnibus spending bill that is supposed to get a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives today. …(Read More)