Montana Agriculture in a Changing Climate

How a warming world impacts Montana’s $4.2 billion
farm & ranch economy

Farmers and ranchers in Montana are already seeing some of the effects of global climate change on our local weather patterns and growing conditions. A growing body of research, some of which is being done right here in Montana, is pointing to a future with hotter and dryer summers and more aggressive weeds and pests, among other things.

Along with this website, Montana Farmers Union will also host periodic educational events and discussions, the first of which will be in Great Falls on Friday, June 19th. Earlier this month, MFU also joined other organizations and businesses in the Montanan’s for Good Jobs & Clean Air coalition (www.goodjobscleanair), which supports the efforts of Governor Bullock to find a “Montana Solution” to reducing carbon pollution. “This is just the start of the conversation,” said Merrill. “We’ll keep looking at this and talking about it, and as new information becomes available we’ll update this website and work to get the information into the hands of farmers and ranchers so they can decide what’s best for their operation.”


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