Latest Brazilian Mad Cow Case Highlights Need for Mandatory COOL

Latest Brazilian Mad Cow Case Highlights Need for Mandatory COOL

Earlier in February, Brazilian beef exports to China were halted after a┬ácase of mad cow disease was confirmed in Brazil’s northern state of Para.

“The announcement of yet another Mad Cow case in Brazil emphasizes the need for mandatory country of origin labeling,” Montana Farmers Union President Walter Schweitzer said.

MFU has long advocated for COOL, with the grassroots organization’s members prioritizing truth in labeling, food security and safety, and fairness for Montana ranchers.

In February, Montana legislators failed to pass a COOL placarding bill out of the House Ag Committee.

The issue also is being discussed at a national level, with the bipartisan American Beef Labeling Act that is co-sponsored by Montana Senator Jon Tester, who is joined by republican senators Mike Rounds, John Thune, and Cynthia Lummis, along with democratic senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker.

Most recently, Sens. Rounds and Tester reintroduced legislation to halt the import of Brazilian beef, saying Brazil has delayed reporting of Mad Cow cases multiple times in the past. The bill was originally introduced in 2021, after cases of Mad Cow were confirmed in Brazil, and the country failed to report it in a timely manner.

Schweitzer said MFU supports the reintroduced legislation to halt Brazilian beef imports and COOL.

“Consumers need to know where their beef comes from so they don’t put their families at risk by unknowingly buying tainted Brazilian beef,” Schweitzer said.


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