Ladies Who Ag Connects Montana Women

Ladies Who Ag Connects Montana Women

A new program meant to connect women in agriculture with each other and resources is expanding to more locations across the state in the coming weeks.

Ladies Who Ag Luncheons through Montana Farmers Union are a way for women who met during MFU’s Women’s Conferences to reconnect, as well as make new connections within their regions throughout the year.

Connections are key to building stronger rural communities, said Samantha Ferrat, a Membership Ambassador with Montana Farmers Union who is planning a Ladies Who Ag in Three Forks.

“Ladies Who Ag is a space, a mindset, and place to deepen our knowledge about agriculture and issues surrounding the world of ag. Ladies Who Ag provides women the opportunity to connect with each other at a deeper level,” she said.

Agriculturists face many challenges, Ferrat said.

“We need to work together to keep our livelihoods alive. If we can change our thought process to sharing out about our struggles and strife, then as a community reflect and produce solutions, I believe we can attain even more victories as agriculturists, individually and collectively,” Ferrat added.

All Ladies Who Ag Luncheons are free and open to the public, as well as MFU members.

During the luncheons, women will hear from experts, learn about resources and opportunities and network with other women in ag while enjoying a free lunch courtesy of MFU.

Topics will vary based on interest from participants. For instance, Chelsey Petz, DVM of Chuteside Veterinary Clinic, will give an interactive presentation featuring large animal hoof health and dental care during the Three Forks Ladies Who Ag, with other experts presenting and available during additional Ladies Who Ag Luncheons. 

“I hope the ladies who attend these gatherings will come with open minds and hearts, gain new friends, feel empowered to make a difference large or small, and leave each time learning something new, relevant, and useful to take back to their farm or ranch and rural community,” Ferrat said.

Luncheons run from noon to 1:30 p.m. and are planned for:

Learn more about each event’s agenda, as well as other upcoming Ladies Who Ag Luncheons, at


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