The MFU Foundation Mission and Vision

The MFU Foundation Mission and Vision

The Foundation will create new opportunities and contributions to the growth and enhancement of Montana agriculture through their activities.

The purpose and mission of the Montana Farmers Union Foundation is:

  1. To further education on rural and agricultural issues within the State of Montana for both adults and youth.
  2. To provide resources for rural economic and cooperative development within the State of Montana.
  3. To seek out, properly invest, and distribute grants and gifts made to the Foundation, and distribute the same, subject to any limitations on gifts received in accordance of the Foundation Bylaws, policies, vision and values.
  4. To support expressed needs for improvements in agricultural education.
  5. To identify and cultivate relationships with individuals, groups, corporations, foundations, and agencies who share the vision of enhanced agricultural outreach and education and rural economic development and who may be in the position to invest in that vision.
  6. To inform the residents of Montana about the opportunities available to them to invest in agriculture and agricultural education and rural economic development through mutually beneficial gifts of time, money or property to the Foundation.
  7. To carry out such other activities as are necessary to further the Foundation’s non-profit tax-exempt purposes.

2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT