Farmer reacts to the threat of wildfires burning across the state

Farmer reacts to the threat of wildfires burning across the state

By Nikki DiRico, Montana News Now

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Several major wildfires are burning across the state and farmers are becoming increasingly worried about their livelihood going up in flames.Wildfires are threatening remote farms and ranches all over Montana and Walter Schweitzer, President of the Montana Farmers Union, is worried about farmland lost.

“A fire like this travels miles in seconds. They’re out there on their own.  The big fire resources are a long way away and they don’t have time to wait.  I know what’s going on there right now.  Every neighbor is doing everything they can to save themselves and they’re neighbors,” said Schweitzer. Even still, he fears it’s not enough and could end generations worth of hard labor out in Jordan, where evacuation orders were lifted Wednesday night.

“That’s your life and your herd.   You invest your life in your ranch and to see it go up in smoke. We’re all neighbors.  Brett’s 300 miles away from me but he’s a neighbor, he’s a friend.  I know a lot of people from Jordan and I’m worried for them. There’s family’s that are at risk right now there’s livestock and animals that are at risk. Buildings can be rebuilt. You can buy hay if you have to but it’s hard to replace a livestock herd. Or a home with everything inside.”

As of Wednesday evening Bureau of Land Management Fire Incident crews lifted partial closure of Highway 200 in Jordan in response to firefighting efforts. “They’ve been here before.  I hope they save the town of Jordan.  I hope we lose no lives!”

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October 06, 2022