Fairness for Farmers

Coporporate monopolies are taking a bigger and bigger cut, costing families more while family farmers are making less

Farmers Union is taking action to promote fair markets, competition, and to protect the future of the family farmer & rancher.

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From Production to Plate…

Corporate consolidation and monopolies in agriculture affect us all.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, companies like Pilgrim’s Pride took advantage of tight supply chains by illegally inflating prices. 


When prices get high in the supermarket, it’s not the producer taking more $ to the bank. It’s packers & processors. 


Family farmers & ranchers are forced to accept thinner and thinner margins and even losses as the “price-takers”. 


When the tractor breaks down, farmers need access to the technology to make speedy fixes to preserve their liveliehood. They need the Right to Repair. 

What is Right to Repair?

4 Corporations control

over 54% of poultry, pork & beef processing & packing

In just 50 years,

40% of flour mills & 88% of meat processing facilities have gone out of business

95% of large farm tractors

are made by just 3 companies

What can we do?

Join the fight. Stand with other Montana families in the fight for #FairnessforFarmers.

Tell Your Story

Let’s face it: Most people are out of touch with rural America. We need your stories to spread the word about how corporate consolidation affects Montana farms, ranches and families.

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Pressure Our Leaders

Congress needs to hear from you NOW to tell our leaders to support legislation that will bring fairness back to agriculture: 
The American Beef Labeling Act
Agricultural Right to Repair Act

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Speak Up – Stand Together

Farmers Union is a non-profit community of people who advocate for make decisions to benefit family farmers, ranchers and rural communities. We amplify the voice of and for the family farmer.

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2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT