Educational Programming

Educational Programming

MFU organizes these educational programs for day camps and classroom instruction. Here are some examples of the educational programs we offer:

  • My Favorite Pet – Where we learn all about how to take care of animals.
  • Worm farming and composting – I just like this one because we all get to play in the dirt.
  • Planning your garden – This lesson teaches the basics of how to set up a garden by looking at soil condition and lighting for optimum production
  • Food recovery and second time around dishes – How to stretch your grocery dollars.
  • Nutritional risk factors for our lives stock
  • Farm Safety – Tips on how to prevent and respond in case of an emergency.Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – How to reduce waste
  • Read the label – How to read the label on the chemicals you use

For a complete list of our educational programs click here.  To organize a day camp in your area or to have classroom instruction provided by Montana Farmers Union please contact Vicky Jo Reeves at 406.452.6406 or at

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