MFU Day Camps

2020 MFU Day Camps

We are pleased to announce a winter day camp program for January and February. These camps are designed for students to have a day indoors to share with their friends. Our goal is for students to pick-up new information related to agriculture, community and cooperatives- all while having fun!

Dates available for day camp programming are 1/31, 2/14,2/15/2/28 and 2/ 29. In order to schedule a day camp we ask for your help! We will need a place to set-up and assistance in spreading the word! If you group is larger than 10 students we request a volunteer to help with the program. As for your students they will need to bring a sack lunch and clothing appropriate for the day. Keep in mind that we can customize the agenda to meet your needs.

Children having fun with snowman artwork

We are offering our day camp program at no cost. Also, don’t forget now is a good time to start scheduling your summer day camp activities. The summer day camp season runs June through August. Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you are interested in scheduling a camp.

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