Commercial Property-Assessed Capital Enhancements Programs (CPACE): SB 147

Commercial Property-Assessed Capital Enhancements Programs (CPACE): SB 147

Establish commercial property assessed capital enhancements program: This bill creates a financing program that would allow Montana producers to make energy efficiency upgrades to their property. Montana Farmers Union supports this bill because it encourages energy conservation practices and creates more jobs.

C-PACE is a financing tool that allows property owners to secure 100% upfront financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy upgrades to commercial buildings. The cost of these upgrades is repaid as a small assessment on the property’s annual tax bill. MFU joins Northern Plains Resource Council in support of bill draft LC066, which would bring C-PACE to Montana. This bill requests the Montana legislature allow C-PACE financing.

This bill is sponsored by Sen. Mary McNally and will be heard in Senate Energy and Telecommunications committee on Feb. 2.

Sponsor(s): Sen. Mary McNally (SD 24)

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November 21, 2022
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