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Join Our Business Booster Program

Montana Farmers Union would like to invite you to join Montana Farmers Union’s Business Booster Program and with your support we can ensure that the voices of family farmers, ranchers, and rural…
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Montana Farmers Union Book Club

Montana Farmers Union introduces 2nd book. Registration deadline: MFU Members, Register by Thursday, June 15 to be eligible to receive a copy of the book on MFU (while supplies last!)…
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Fairness for Farmers

Coporporate monopolies are taking a bigger and bigger cut, costing families more while family farmers are making less Farmers Union is taking action to promote fair markets, competition, and to…
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Support Country of Origin Labeling

It’s simple: Montanans want to know where their food comes from. Montana Farmers Union is fighting for fairness, from the farm to the plate.  Senate Bill 2716, the American Beef…
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Member Perks & Discounts

Membership has its Benefits In addition to giving voice to important issues and supporting family farms and rural communities, your membership includes perks and discounts! Download Member Benefits Discounts and…
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Stand with Family Farmers

If you want to stand up for rural communities and family farms & ranches, there’s no better organization to belong to. Montana Farmers Union is one of the oldest farm organizations…
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Support AG Education

Cultivating the next generation of leaders in agriculture and rural communities is a membership away. Membership to Montana Farmers Union provides Youth scholarships, education programs and supports annual camps at Arrowpeak, our…
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Membership that Matters

MONTANA FARMERS UNION is making a difference for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Montana Farmers Union is standing up for the issues that will help agricultural and rural communities thrive.…
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2023 Montana Farmers Union Annual Convention

October 27, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT