Author: Audra Labert

Member Profile: The Peterson Ranch

Each month in Montana Grassroots we feature a member’s story. This month we profile MFU Board Member Ben Peterson who runs his family’s ranch in Judith Gap. Ben and his…
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Product of USA Label is Misleading American Consumers

When Congress repealed COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) for beef and pork in 2015 it allowed Multinational packers to start labeling beef and pork imported from foreign countries with a…
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Montana Farmers Union Makes Second Donation of Pork Ribs to the Food Bank Network

Montana Farmers Union (MFU) and Farmers Union Enterprises (FUE) made another sizeable in-kind donation of 38,000 pounds of pork ribs to the Montana Food Bank Network. The ribs are from Redwood Farms and will be distributed by the Montana Food Bank Network. Redwood Farms is one of the entities in the Farmers Union family of businesses owned by Farmers Union Enterprises.

Commercial Property-Assessed Capital Enhancements Programs (CPACE): SB 147

Establish commercial property assessed capital enhancements program: This bill creates a financing program that would allow Montana producers to make energy efficiency upgrades to their property. Montana Farmers Union supports…
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Montana Farmers Union to Donate 38,000 Pounds of Pork to the MT Food Bank Network

Great Falls, MT- Montana Farmers Union (MFU) and Farmers Union Enterprise (FUE) are pleased to once again make a sizeable in-kind donation of pork ribs to the Montana Food Bank…
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MFU Launches Ag Ambassador Program

The 67th MT Legislature is set to begin on Jan. 4. Montana Farmers Union gives voice to agricultural and rural issues through legislative action, lobbying, and now through organizing community…
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COOL Placarding Act: HB 324

Generally revise certain labeling laws: Country of Origin Placarding bill. This bill will require a placard identifying the Country-of-Origin to be placed near beef and pork products in retail locations.…
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Appropriate Funds for Doubling SNAP Dollars: HB 235

Sponsor: Rep. Andrea Olsen Create nutrition incentive program for SNAP participants: The Double SNAP Dollars program allows for Montanans who face food insecurity to afford more local fruit and vegetables.…
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Soil Health Study: LC1256

A Strong Montana from the Ground Up The Montana Soil Health Subcommittee Bill will appoint a soil health task force to explore how the state can promote and support farming…
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Right to Repair: LC1562

This bill would provide that the manufacturers of electronics enabled equipment provide farmers and ranchers, as well as independent repair shops, the tools necessary to repair their own equipment. Montana…
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2021 Annual State Convention

October 29, 2021 - October 30, 2021
Heritage Inn, Great Falls MT